I want to be held and told everything will be alright.
I feel so alone, like, I feel like I don’t mean shit to anyone.
at least not to those who I want to mean something to.
I just want to be comforted and loved.
I try so hard to do it for everyone else but, sometimes I fail miserably and others I succeed, can’t always win.
but, I wish you could see how much you mean to me, really.
it just sucks to see that I mean nothing close to it, at all.
I deactivated my facebook tonight, just for a little while.
I guess to see who truly cares about me and will go out of their way to see what’s going on, to talk to me.
I guess I just want to see who I truly matter to.
I’m probably going to go sleep off my feelings, I’m too hurt and drained to possibly keep myself awake for any longer.
I’m like on the verge of tears because I wish I fucking meant something to someone, to a friend, to anyone.
I just wish I wouldn’t fly under the radar so well, I wish I had actual and real people in my life.
I wish I could be loved the way I need to be loved, in every way possible.